Video Stills



Fox - Fire (Live in Banane und Frucht2003



4 min


Special Day 2003



1 min


Heart of... 2006

experimental video


15.00 min



A journey without a destination…

A film that moves between boundaries.

Between daydream and existence, longing and reality. Between worlds. 

A film between road movie and mediation.



ante - an integration story 2008



52 min



 The author regularly interviewed and filmed a young second-generation immigrant from Croatia over a five-year period. Each interview forms a chapter of the film. Each chapter is a milestone in Ante’s life: at 12 he is a cheeky boy, at 13 he goes through a punk phase, at 15 he gets chucked out of school, etc. In the last scene, Ante, a 17-year-old skinhead explains his vision of the world. The interviews between the invisible author and his protagonist are the main means of presenting and researching Ante’s world.